Bee deals

Bee Deals Europe
The ambition of Bee Deals Europe is to stimulate bee-friendly activities across the EU, linking partners in those activities. Inspired by the successful Bee Deals in the Netherlands, we are currently building up the European network.
Bee Deals consist of concrete deals, signed by partners pledging to take action for bees:

Bee Deals can be struck between:

Call for partners
We hope to stimulate more Bee Deals in other parts of Europe. To that aim we seek partners who can help set up a national BeeDeals network and jointly attract funding. Please feel free to approach CLM: Elisa de Lijster, or 0031 345470722.
Why Bee Deals?
Bees are crucial for pollination, in support of food production. Supporting bees will work best when partners cooperate. Therefore we aim for deals, where each partner takes his role.
We involve the food supply chain, from farmer to retailer. We challenge them to implement Good Bee Practices in agriculture. In addition,  retailers raise awareness by informing consumers about what they can do themselves, around the home.
Private parties work together with public landowners like provinces, municipalities and water boards. Their care for clean water enhances chances for bees and vice versa : by establishing ecological management of field edges and adopting drift-reducing spraying equipment.
Bee Deals Netherlands
The initiative started in the Netherlands in 2013, initiated by CLM and Food4Bees. Current partners include:


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